Unleashing Potential for Good

Inside the shell of every nut is a realm of possibility. A vital connection to the world. Something good about to happen.

Caro Nut is a global organization of teams, each one specializing in bringing forth the potential of a single, difficult-to-produce nut. We see these nuts as powerhouses of resourcefulness both for the communities that grow them and in solving regional and global environmental challenges. Nuts contain powerful, sustainable energy to do good in the world.

Our activities include: serving as a bridge for capital to reach communities that need tools and infrastructure to harvest and process their crops; supplying purchasing contracts; finding markets for the nuts harvested; and facilitating communication and collaboration between communities otherwise isolated from one another by national, political or geographic borders. Our work is necessarily done in partnership with individuals, communities and organizations.

We also develop traceability technology to put growers and consumers in touch. So everyone can be supported in the intention and effort to contribute solutions to global challenges. For the synergy between consumers and producers to grow.



In the Amazon, in collaboration with One Sky and the Integrated Nuts Workshop, we are facilitating communication between remote communities so they can coordinate their efforts in getting nuts to market across difficult terrain and national borders. Their successful harvest and distribution of the Brazil nut helps them protect their ancestral homes and the vulnerable ecosystem, all of which are threatened by illegal mining and deforestation. In West Africa, before the cashew industry had a significant presence, we committed to buying all grades of the nuts produced—quickly and at a premium price. This supported the growth needed by the facilities, which were very small at the time. Thousands of jobs emerged in isolated communities. In continuing our efforts, we work closely with Oiko Credit, Root Capital and ResponsAbility to bridge financing for the infrastructure these communities need to process their abundant cashew crop. Local processing allows nuts to reach markets sooner and with a much smaller carbon footprint. In Spain, we are supporting farmers in their effort to sustain species diversity and their own livelihood through cultivation and protection of the native Marcona. Our role is ensuring that Marconas have a viable market and that farmers receive a premium return. It is an essential way of guaranteeing that the nut is not replaced by common varieties.


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