Setting new industry standards for quality and continuously seeking new ways to improve is at the heart of what we do.

It takes a team approach, where everyone’s leadership skills and creativity are encouraged. Our collaborative entrepreneurial method enables innovation and allows us to take on challenges as opportunities for growth.

In West Africa, where infrastructure was lacking, we supported the construction of processing facilities needed to convert an abundant cashew crop into a high-quality product. In Italy, we developed an advanced traceability system to enable small, non-industrial growers to ensure the authenticity of their extra virgin olive oil.

For artichokes, we figured out how to maximize the flower’s inherent potential through an embrace of new origins and local environmental conditions. We developed new processing techniques and are always formulating new artichoke recipes too. In the Amazon, we are helping remote communities communicate with each other so they can coordinate transportation of Brazil nuts across national borders and over long distances. So the nuts can make it to market tasty and fresh and they can contribute to the vitality of their native forests.



In the process of making healthy food that tastes great, we build collaborative, committed relationships that help people blossom and plants thrive. We believe that this is how the world truly gets nourished.

This way of doing business is no different from the way we choose to live in the world as individuals. It is about standing beside one another at all stages to embrace natural cycles of growth and rest and abundance and distress—whether they be economic, climatic, seasonal, professional, or personal. We also know how important it is to take risks, to be flexible, adaptive, and responsive. The sum total makes us healthy and strong. It produces sound, developmental strides in a complex, dynamic world.


40% of the world’s cashews are grown in Africa, but few facilities existed to process the harvest. Partnering with individuals and communities to build facilities is turning cashews from Africa into a premium product.

We want partners….It is not just a matter of buying and selling. Shakti Pal
Cashew Processing Expert, Technoserve